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Hi Connie,

I had to let you know that the mystery is solved about the warm-hearted, motherly woman who came through.  It was my Great-Aunt Helen.  She essentially filled in the gap that occurred when my maternal grandmother passed away.  Aunt Helen had no children of her own, so I guess she adopted my mom and all of us.  Wonderful lady – I still use her lemon cake recipe.  All I had to do was ask Ma about “My Little Margie” and she immediately said “Aunt Helen”.

Also – if my brain had been working at more than a quarter speed during our reading, I would have understood “Anthony Joseph”.  My dad’s name was August Joseph, so something got lost in the translation.

I will always treasure our meeting and the CD.  Many thanks!

Margaret (Margie)


Thank you for the very insightful reading you gave me on Saturday. I shared the information with my mother and it was spot on accurate. I walked away with peace and hope,,thank you.  Janet was very moved by her reading as well and felt like it was life changing!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer.



Good evening!

I wanted to thank you for the reading with your guidance and wisdom this morning. As I mentioned, I was quite nervous about an in-person reading but you helped me feel at ease. At first, I was not sure if I’d need the CD, but I am looking forward to listening to it once I go home. Thank you again!


I wanted to thank you for an amazing reading. I felt so light afterword and knowing that I was understood and supported by my ancestors was very healing for me. As I begin my career as a life coach it is very important to me to know myself deeply so I can raise my awareness and access my power. You helped me on my journey and I thank you. My walk after on the nature path gave me time to reflect and I also walked the labyrinth by your house. I received some amazing insights from it. I can’t wait to come back to Lillydale and I hope we cross paths again.


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